About Us

It all started with a beautiful black Labrador we named Nibby. Smart and fun-loving, I fell in love with her. Some friends of ours also loved her and wanted a pup... the rest is history.

Because so many people loved the chocolate puppies, in 2009 I bought my first CKC Registered Chocolate Labrador;
Hot Chocolate Lola. I will be breeding her in 2011 for both black and chocolate puppies. I now also have a beautiful white labrador, Brooke.

About Our Dogs

Our dogs have their OFA certificate on their hips and elbows.

Our goal is to have our puppies live happy, fullfilling lives as
well as providing years of love and companionship to their
new families.

Labrador retrievers make excellent family pets—rated #1
most popular dog in the past 20 years in Canada and
the USA.

Labs are gentle, intelligent, easy to train, and reliable
with children. This is the breed of choice for use
as seeing-eye dogs, or search & rescue.

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